Starting small.

This post is written a little after-the-fact but I just wanted to give an idea of what’s going on, up to now. On February 20th, we got the news that we were accepted to the 30 day outreach program in August, and to be honest, we were a little surprised, and a little caught off guard. Of course we wanted to go, of course we filled out the application and waited patiently, but I think in the back of both of our minds, we didn’t really know that we wanted to go. See we were prepared to not be accepted, and a couple of times talked about how it would be ‘okay’ if we didn’t make the cut. And part of me thinks that’s exactly why God did pick us, because we aren’t ready. We aren’t anything special, and we certainly don’t have any idea of what we’re doing. And I’m praying daily that He shines through both of us through our insufficiency.

After we got the news, we waited for in to sink in, and I’m not sure that we’ve reached that point still.  Until then, though, we’ve started to get ready. One of the first things that we’ve done in trying to get ready is downsizing. A good bit. I’ve always been under the thought that we as a ‘first world’ people have way too much. And it’s really hard to actually change that. Of course we can think that we have way too much when others have nothing, but I think all too often we just have those thoughts for a little while and then move on to the next thought. I think I can speak for Bethany and I that we came to a point where we realized that some of our ‘stuff’ was getting in the way, not just physically but spiritually. So we decided to get rid of it. We cancelled our lease in our 3 bedroom house and are in the process of moving into a camper. In that transition, there’s a huge decrease in space, which doesn’t leave much choice but to get rid of things that aren’t essential. And essential is a loose word. Because there isn’t really anything in this world that is essential, but Him. I’m learning that more and more; that when you have Him, you don’t just not need anything else, you don’t want anything else.

Is it hard getting rid of our five sets of measuring cups? Sure it is. But honestly, who needs that many teaspoons? And I know there are people out there that need our things more than we do. I think Josh Garrels says it better than anyone else. “I lost my house and my good name, when I found the road of my King.”

So God, take it all, so that we have nothing. Nothing but You.

I know some of you guys are reading this thinking, “These guys are going a little overboard, it’s only 30 days…?” But we’re starting small. 30 days now, maybe 30 years after we get back, who knows. But my prayer is that by starting small, we’ll grow into something big.

So throw us out there, God. Two little mustard seeds, now. But we’ll grow.


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