A Waiting Place

For a while, Bethany and I have been in a place of waiting. First waiting to get married, waiting for nursing school to be over,  then waiting to go to Kenya, then waiting for something else, then waiting to hear back from jobs applied to. It seems like we’re always waiting for something, but in our time at Gleanings we really have been trying to be here. Not to be anywhere else but where we are right now, doing what we’re doing right now. I think so often, at least for me, I get so caught up in what’s happening tomorrow, what’s happening in 2 weeks, and on and on. But here it’s been really nice to just be and for the first time in, probably my whole life just to wait on God.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been at the place that I’m at in my life currently. Jobless, homeless, and having no plan for the future. But at the same time, I don’t know that I’ve had the sense of peace that I’ve had during this time. And not just because of the ‘freedom’ that I have by not having to worry about all of those things, but to honestly and whole-heartedly give those things to Jesus.

Most people say that they know Jesus will take care of them, but how often do we actually let Him? That’s been a huge thing for me to learn these last couple of weeks, that given the chance to wholly rely on God, He’ll take care of me. Better care than I can take of myself. And being at Gleanings has hammered this point home to me as well.

Looking around, I see all of these families who have given up on what their lives would or could have been and have decided to pursue God with no looking back. People leaving family, friends, whole countries behind, to follow unmarked territory on just a premise of Him keeping his promise.

One of our new friends, Norma, told us that Gleanings was a good waiting place. And that a lot of people have been in times of waiting while they were at Gleanings. Waiting to hear from God.

On Friday I got a call from the hospital that I had interviewed at back in November and I accepted a job there to start in February. And it’s so funny to me that as soon as I stopped trying to get there myself, calling and bothering people to try to get an answer about my application that God finished what he started back in September. I just needed to get out of the way.

So already, in barely a week of beginning to truly wait on God, He’s started working. This isn’t really an update, more of pep-talk to myself I guess, to remind myself to keep depending on Him, keep waiting on Him. But actually depending on Him, not just saying it, and not just giving Him a little while until I get antsy, but letting Him have control. And not to be scared to let go of it all because He will take care of me, He’ll take care of you too.


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